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University of Queensland must reverse decision to suspend Drew Pavlou

Six months before his graduation, student leader Drew Pavlou was unfairly suspended from his university for two years.

Drew Pavlou is made to pay this heavy price for his vocal support for freedom in Hong Kong, Tibet and East Turkestan (Xinjiang) and challenging his university’s relationship with the Chinese government.

An Australian university has put maintaining its business ties with a foreign government with an abysmal human rights record above upholding academic freedom and freedom of speech.

While the Chinese government under Xi Jinping’s leadership has implemented a brutal crackdown on the people of Tibet, East Turkestan and Hong Kong as well as Chinese human rights defenders at home, it has elevated its global push for control and influence. 

UQ’s action is a chilling reminder of China’s export of censorship and dictatorship to the world. Now more than ever, we must reject Chinese interference in our institutions.

We have a small window of opportunity to stand with Drew Pavlou.

The University’s Chancellor has issued a statement expressing his concerns about the actions of his university’s disciplinary panel. A review will take place this week.


Send an urgent message to the University Chancellor Peter Varghese and Vice-Chancellor Peter Høj to reverse the University’s decision to suspend Drew Pavlou.


Petition organised by: Australia Tibet Council, Students for a Free Tibet, Tibetan Community of Queensland, Tibetan Community of NSW, ACT Tibetan Community, Tibetan Community of Victoria, Tibetan Community of South Australia, Tibetan Community of Newcastle, South Coast Tibetan Community, Tibetan Community of Tasmania, Wagga Wagga Tibetan Community, International Tibet Network, Vietnamese Community in Australia – Queensland Chapter, Thanh Niên Dân Chủ Democratic Youth, Hong Kong International Alliance, Brisbane.


“It’s a calculated move to silence me. It’s because the University of Queensland wants to do everything possible to avoid offending its Chinese allies.”


- Drew Pavlou, student and human rights defender