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2024 Tibet Calendar: Unbroken Traditions | Tibetan Culture Endures in Exile

2024 Tibet calendar, UNBROKEN TRADITIONS | Tibetan Culture Endures in Exile, we know the situation inside Tibet is dire. The Chinese Communist Party is dead set on wiping out all elements of Tibetan culture, from deeply held religious beliefs to our native language, history and artistic traditions dating back thousands of years. Everything that makes Tibet unique is at risk.

But outside of Tibet, the safe harbour India provides to hundreds of thousands of Tibetan exiles allows for the preservation of these traditions. In this calendar you will see the faces of Tibetan men and women who are keeping our culture alive—and, indeed, allowing it to flourish and grow in the places outside of Beijing's iron-fisted rule.


These are artisans, performers and masters of Tibetan tradition. They paint, work with metal, craft religious icons, calculate astrological outcomes and more. The variety of their skills is a testament to the depth and richness of Tibetan culture and the vital need to preserve it. 

~ 32 cm x 24 cm folded OR 32 cm x 48 cm open

~ The perfect inspirational art gift for those interested in Tibet and the preservation of the Tibetan culture

~ Frameable artbook-quality printing


PRICING (includes postage)

1 = $35
2 = $60
3 = $85
4 = $105
5 = $130

For pricing on larger quantities, please contact [email protected].

Only a limited number of calendars available. Delivery in Australia only. Please note that all preorders made before 1 Dec will be posted by Week of 4 Dec and you will receive tracking information by email once posted.

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