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Stop Tibetan Forced Labour - Email your Representatives

Under the guise of ‘poverty alleviation' the Chinese Government has been operating forced labour programs in Tibet for years – and now the world is finally taking notice.

At the May G7 meeting in Hiroshima, Japan, the G7 stated in their communique that they, ‘will keep voicing our concerns about the human rights situation in China, including in Tibet and Xinjiang where forced labour is of major concern to us.’

The Chinese Government is currently being investigated by the UN for forced labour in Tibet [UN Ref.: AL CHN 14/2022].  The UN has expressed concern that Tibetans are being forced to leave sustainable and traditional livelihoods, such as wool and dairy production, to work in low-paid, low-skilled work in manufacturing and construction in China.

Furthermore, the Chinese Government is forcing Tibetans into ‘vocational training centres’, which focus less on developing professional skills and more on cultural and political indoctrination in a militarised environment.


UN experts found that Tibetans in the program are reportedly prevented from using Tibetan language and not allowed to practise Tibetan Buddhism, as the Chinese authorities consider both “obstacles to poverty alleviation”.

Contrary to the program's purported focus on improving living conditions, the UN has said that the labour transfer program could further impoverish Tibetans.

Take Action! Contact your Member of Parliament and Senators today to ensure that no goods made with Tibetan forced labour are able to be imported into Australia.

ATC calls on the Australian Government to strengthen our laws and to pass the upcoming amendment to the Customs Act to ban the import of goods produced by forced labour into Australia, when this comes before the houses of Parliament.