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Appeal: Stop Cultural Genocide in Tibet

Australia cannot stand idle and risk a future Stolen Generation of Tibetan children

The biggest threat for Tibetan identity today is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-run boarding school system in Tibet, which separates almost a million Tibetan children as young as six years old from their families.

In Tibet the Chinese Government has forcibly placed 80% of Tibetan children in these boarding schools taking them away from their families and cultural roots to sinicise them.

End Chinese colonial boarding schools in Tibet today! 

Our campaign to raise awareness and put an end to this cultural genocide has gained significant momentum over the pas few months. We are proud to announce that Dr Gyal Lo, a Tibetan activist, whistleblower, educational sociologist, has joined our cause to share his eye-witness account.

Support this appeal so that we can put pressure on the Australian government to sanction human-rights abusers behind this.
Support our Appeal to protect Tibetan children from being forced into Chinese colonial boarding schools

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